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The West’s falling hand on Afghanistan

Usually I don’t express myself politically, but try to limit myself to scientific facts. Nevertheless, I am disappointed and appalled by Western action in and with Afghanistan and I am thinking of the many people on site who have built on us and whom we are now in the truest sense of the word, abandoning them.

The West is breaking up against its own standards in Afghanistan and does not even draw the right conclusions from its actions. More than 20 years of commitment, investments and support evaporate within a few weeks. Germany alone has invested more than 20 billion euros in security and development in the Hindu Kush and of course the loss of 3,600 Western OEF and OFS soldiers should also be mentioned here (as of 2020). Decades of support have improved democracy and civil rights. Humanitarian aid for the particularly needy as well as medical care have been expanded. The situation for the women on site also improved. In short, despite all the problems, the state of Afghanistan has developed in a partially positive direction.

But what about educationally? What has the west achieved here? According to UNICEF, almost half of children between the ages of 7 and 17 were still out of school in 2018. Girls in particular continued to be more disadvantaged when it came to education. While 60% of girls nationwide do not go to school, in some districts it is up to 85%.

It is a disaster that the West has failed to provide adequate educational opportunities for children, and especially women. How is a country supposed to develop positively and adjust to western states if it still comes to such catastrophic numbers after 20 years?

The Afghan army is understaffed and overwhelmed. The army is poorly positioned, especially in the area of the air force. And now the West is wondering that after a suddenly announced withdrawal, the Afghan army is unable to defend itself against the various Taliban groups.

It was therefore to be foreseen that the Afghan government would not be able to maintain the status quo. And this is exactly where you can see that ugly face of the West. Because for more than 20 years he promised support, protection for the population and a future. Local people were brought in to achieve this goal. So-called local staff. People who risked their lives in Afghanistan to help the West achieve its goals. People who are now being killed because the West, especially Germany, did not manage to find a pragmatic solution for these people due to political discussions. A solution that is tangible and logical through political asylum. While hundreds of thousands of people were admitted in 2015, this time Germany refuses the right to political asylum to people who have worked with Germany and who are now at risk of mortal danger. It is a tragedy and failure of the current government that cannot be made up for by even a single resignation.

The West would now have a chance to correct its catastrophic wrongdoing. He could hit the Taliban seriously and expand his involvement. But the West would rather leave the men, women and children to the Taliban and withdraw from the era of Afghanistan. A hand that was given back then is withdrawn and the country released into the unknown. Countless dead on both sides for nothing.

What a failure of the western world, what one can only be ashamed of.


UNICEF charges Afghanistan: increasing violence against children – Vatican News

Study: Almost half of the children in Afghanistan do not go to school (unicef.de)

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