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The Falling Hand of the West Towards Afghanistan




Normally, I do not express myself politically, but try to limit myself to scientific facts. Nevertheless, I am disappointed and appalled by Western actions in and with Afghanistan, and I think of the many people on the ground who relied on us and whom we are now literally abandoning.

The West is breaking its own standards in Afghanistan and is not even drawing the right conclusions from its actions. More than 20 years of effort, investment and support fizzle out in a matter of weeks. Germany alone has invested more than 20 billion euros for security and development in the Hindu Kush and, of course, the loss of 3,600 Western OEF and OFS soldiers should be mentioned here (as of 2020). Decades of support have improved democracy and civil rights. Humanitarian aid for the most needy and medical care were expanded. The situation for local women also improved. In short, despite all the problems, the state of Afghanistan developed to some extent in a positive direction.

But what does it look like in terms of education? What has the West achieved here? According to UNICEF, nearly half of children between the ages of 7 and 17 were still out of school in 2018. Girls in particular continued to be more disadvantaged when it came to education. While 60% of girls are out of school nationwide, in some districts the figure is as high as 85%.

It is a disaster that the West has failed to provide adequate educational opportunities for children and especially women. How is a country supposed to develop positively and align itself with Western countries if, after 20 years, it still has such catastrophic figures?

The Afghan army is undermanned and overstretched. Especially in the area of air power, the army is poorly positioned. And now the West is wondering why, after a suddenly announced withdrawal, the Afghan army is unable to defend itself alone against the various Taliban groups.

It was therefore predictable that the Afghan government would not be able to maintain the status quo. And it is precisely here that the ugly face of the West is revealed. Because for more than 20 years he promised support, protection for the population and a future. People on the ground were roped in to achieve this goal. So-called local forces. People who risked their lives in Afghanistan to help the West achieve its goals. People who are now being killed because the West, and Germany in particular, have not managed to find a pragmatic solution for these people due to political discussions. A solution which is tangibly close and logical through political asylum. While in 2015 hundreds of thousands of people were taken in, this time Germany is denying the right to political asylum to people who have cooperated with Germany and who are now in danger of losing their lives because of this. It is a tragedy and a failure of the current government, which cannot be redressed even by a collected resignation.

The West would now have the chance to correct its catastrophically wrong actions. He could sensitively hit the Taliban and expand his involvement. But the West prefers to leave the men, women and children to the Taliban and withdraw from the Afghanistan era. A hand extended at that time is withdrawn and the country is released into the unknown. Countless dead on both sides for nothing.

What a failure of the Western world, of which one can only be ashamed.

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Götz, S. (2021). The falling hand of the West toward Afghanistan. ISSN: 2748-2979. Accessed 27.08.2021. Available at: https://krippenzeit.de/die-fallende-hand-des-westens-gegenueber-afghanistan/

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