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Swaddling toddlers stress-free

Diapering toddlers can be a big challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. With a few tricks, calm and patience, every changing situation can be a pleasant experience for the child and the adult. In day-to-day life in a daycare center, it is often stressful and not so easy to find peace and patience to change diapers.
Nevertheless, it is extremely important that you take this time for the child. On the one hand, it is often an effort for toddlers to be swaddled at all. On the other hand, a changing situation offers many possibilities to support the child. The more time the adult takes to swaddle the toddler, the more comfortable the situation becomes for both parties.

Help, the toddler cannot be swaddled!

Some children love diapering. You will voluntarily let you know when the diaper is full, happily come to the changing table, help with getting dressed and undressed and the procedure is over in no time. However, these children are an exception. Most toddlers don’t like it at all. In the day-care center in particular, it is even more annoying than at home when you are torn out of the game with friends. In addition, many cribs do not have a particularly nice changing area. In the bathrooms it is often cool and rather uncomfortable. Getting undressed here is not exactly inviting.

To make things a little easier for the children, little things are enough. Heat the room, a mobile over the changing table, a few pictures on the wall or something similar. Just get creative, put yourself in the child’s shoes. What are you looking forward to in your bathroom? What could the child be happy about?

Include the child

From the age of 18 months, almost all small children are able to walk on their own. Include the child in the swaddling process. Let them climb up the changing table, take off their pants, or get a diaper out of the drawer. All toddlers are very proud when they are allowed to help and so much prefer to be swaddled directly. Avoid any kind of pressure or stress while doing this. If you’ve wrapped ten toddlers in a piecework, that’s great for your colleagues, but not at all for the children.

Preparation is everything

For babies and children under 18 months, it is important that everything is ready for the nappy changing situation. Never leave toddlers and babies alone on the changing table. The risk of falling is just too high. Better get everything ready in advance. It is also best to have a washable toy to distract babies. If you have something in your hand, you don’t reach into the diaper.

Wrap time – great time

The nappy changing time can be used very well to do something good for the child and at the same time to encourage them. Songs, finger games or caressing verses are suitable for this. In this way, most children can be distracted from the unloved changing situation. Many children even ask after a few times that they be sung a certain song or demonstrated the funny finger play. There is a chance to teach the little ones a lot.

For example, they learn to name the body parts through finger games or they are encouraged to tell something. Not only will the vocabulary be expanded, but many other areas of development will also be promoted.

Tips and tricks for a stress-free changing situation

  • make the changing area beautiful
  • heat the room
  • involve the child
  • work without stress and pressure
  • lay out all the utensils
  • Washable toys on the changing table
  • Singing and playing

have patience

The toddler cannot be changed even though you have implemented all the tips? That also happens. Be patient and give the child time. Some children have to get used to the new situation in the daycare center. Everything is different than at home and you are a stranger to the child at first. Nevertheless, the child is lying naked in front of you and should also hold still. Sometimes it just takes time.

It is best to practice the changing situation during the acclimatization period. Go with the child’s parents to make a diaper for him. First, create a basis of trust between you and the child before you go to the changing table with him. Only when a toddler has arrived safely in the crèche can it be placed in your hands with confidence, even with the changing situation.

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