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Sound story Milo the elephant





  1. Sound history
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A sound story is a great experiential opportunity especially for children in the U3 range. The children can gain their first experience with musical instruments. At the same time, they discover the world of sounds and music. By paying close attention during the story, concentration is encouraged. Likewise, of course, the social skills of the children are strengthened, since the children have to interact with each other to conjure up an exciting sound story.

Short and concise stories are best suited for this purpose. Ideally, you simply invent your own exciting story. This has the advantage that the story can be perfectly adapted to your daycare group. Here you have to keep in mind that there are keywords in the sound story. Each of these keywords is given an instrument. This “cast” remains the same throughout the story.

In my invented sound story Milo the Elephant the following characters & instruments appear:

Characters: Milo the elephant, Max the mouse

Instruments: Metallophone, frame drum, donkey bit, guiro.

Sound history

1. milo the elephant is the best friend of max the mouse. Today he comes to visit. They want to play together and build something together.

2. with big elephant steps Milo goes to the door of his friend Max.

Frame drum “Played loudly

3. he opens the door with his big elephant trunk.

Guiro “played slowly

4. but Milo does not see his friend Max behind the door. Where is Max? Milo goes further into the apartment and carefully calls Max. Max are you there?

Suddenly Max jumps in front of him and scares Milo.

Donkey bit “played loud

6. oops, there you are Max. I had been looking for you. Come let’s play together.

7. max the mouse and milo the elephant go up the stairs together to his nursery to play together.

Metallophone “played in ascending order


Besides the sound story, of course, you also have an alternative. This one is called Stories with Music. Just as exciting and ideal especially for slightly older children. Thus, nothing stands in the way of your musical educational offer.

Suggested Citation

Goetz, S. (2020). Sound story Milo the elephant. A short story with accompanying instruments. ISSN: 2748-2979. Accessed 06.11.2020. Available at: https://krippenzeit.de/klanggeschichte-milo-der-elefant/

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