Sew finger puppet and recite language development story

The manufacture of a large finger puppet (the star)

Age range: 4-6 years

Figure finger puppet: A star

Plot: The star travels in the planetary system of our sun to visit all planets

Step by step

  1. Create a star in Word, enlarge it to A4 size and print it out
  2. Cut out the printed star
  3. Select matching fabric and transfer the outline of the star onto the fabric
  4. Repeat step 3 so that there are 2 fabric stars in total.
  5. Superimpose both pieces, fix them with pins and sew them together with a seam. Leave the lower part of the star still open.
  6. Put another piece of fabric over the finger and mark on the lower side.
  7. Fill the star with filler.
  8. The finger piece is now sewn into the lower area and pressed into the inner area of the star so that the finger can hold and move the star.
  9. Now sew the two buttons as eyes on the star.
  10. If desired, the pointed corners can be narrowed as ears or made more visible with additional fabric.
  11. Ready is the finger puppet star.

Necessary materials

  • Fabric for outdoor & indoor
  • 2 buttons for the eyes
  • Sewing thread in matching color
  • Needles, pins and fabric scissors for sewing and cutting
  • Star template with paper to cut out the shape

The star, a little language development story

Hello dear children,

it’s me, the star. Today I have traveled to you to tell you something. Because I’m always traveling up there in the sky, from one star to another. That’s pretty exciting.

We are on earth right now. When I flew to you, I saw a moon! Do you know this one? Have you seen this one too? Most of the time you can see him very well at night. Then, when the sun just goes to sleep.

Yesterday, before I flew to you, I was at Mars. This is quite a dusty and red planet. There I took a short break and had an ice cream. Mhm, that was delicious I can tell you. Do you also like to eat ice cream?

I heard you also have a group with the name Saturn with you? Is that right? Wow, great! Saturn is quite an exciting planet. He has big rings around his belly. Almost like a pair of pants on your belly. Which one of you is wearing pants? Are you dressed as great as Saturn?

Oh dear, I completely forgot the time. It is already so late. Because I would like to fly to Jupiter after all. Oh dear, you also have a group of Jupiters with you. Maybe I’ll have to visit those kids sometime, too. But then I have to go now.

Because I want to take a short break and eat a delicious ice cream on earth. Then I say goodbye and wish you lots of fun.

Bye dear children.

Suggested Citation

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