Santa Claus and nursery

Like every year, Christmas is just around the corner in three weeks. An exciting time for children and educators. Stories are read aloud, candles are set up, wishes are talked about and, of course, Santas are made. But hardly any child knows that you can also write to Santa Claus personally.

Every year, around 20 energetic helpers assist Santa Claus in answering all the letters he receives – and they have been doing so for over 37 years. Because it all started in 1984. Santa Claus now receives around 300,000 letters a year from Germany and around the world. An incredible achievement!

Santa Claus: His address

In Germany, you can reach Santa and his helpers at the following address at his second home :

To Santa Claus
Christmas mail branch
16798 Himmelpfort

If you like it a little more traditional, you can also write to Santa’s main residence at the North Pole. Here the address is:

Santa Claus Main Post Office (Santa Claus Post Office)
96930 Arctic Circle (Polar Circle)

An unforgettable offer in the nursery

Why not surprise your children at the daycare center and say in the morning circle that they will write to Santa Claus today? Ask them if anyone else would like to do this. Certainly, the first reactions will be exciting, especially at an older age. But right here you have the opportunity to pick up the children. Tell something about Santa Claus and that he may very well receive letters. Write a letter with the children on which each child can sign at the end and drop it all together in the mailbox.

From this can wonderfully develop a project, which can go over the following days until the answer of Santa Claus. An unforgettable experience that is sure to be remembered and also touches on areas of the education and development fields, such as the area of meaning, values and religion.


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