Raw data on the project Team reflection

What effects does an additional team reflection in a German daycare center prior to the implementation of an offer have on the quality of professional action? This question is on my mind in my current research project on early childhood education.

To this end, data has been collected within Germany as part of a quantitative survey. Educational professionals in daycare centers ranging in age from under 18 years to 55 years or older were surveyed. Professionals from all states participated in the survey with a total of 396 responses. 8 participants of the survey were not employed as pedagogical professionals in Kitas.

You can find the statistical analysis of the survey here.

You can use this raw data under the license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 and use it for further projects.

Suggested Citation

Götz, S. (2022). Raw data on the Team Reflection project. ISSN: 2748-2979. Accessed 01.08.2022. Available at: https://krippenzeit.de/teamreflexion-rohdaten/

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