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Promotional video on the topic of parenting

For the subject ZQ (Shaping Cooperation and Developing Quality), we had the task of creating a promotional video on the topic of parenting. The promotional video for the sunshine daycare as an example was free in terms of type and idea. So I thought for a long time how to effectively create a short promotional video. Ultimately, I divided it into the areas of intro, general daycare information, contribution on the topic of parenting in the daycare and the outro.

My fictional daycare center is a facility that is located in a rather posh residential area and accordingly mainly looks after the social middle and upper classes. Therefore I tried to reach the parents on a factual level and with appealing intro / outro and not in a playful / musical way.

To create it, I used a mix of my own videos that I shot and license-free videos from the Pixabay platform. For the musical tuning I used a piece of music that requires a license. However, royalty-free music is also available for use on the Internet. The free Shotcut program was used for cutting without any problems. Surely one or the other noticed that towards the end the image / sound track was no longer in sync. This happens if separate image and sound tracks are used when cutting with the Shotcut software and one does not pay attention that both tracks run synchronously with each other at the end;).

This promotional video is therefore a very nice example of how cheaply and quickly a promotional video can be created. The total production took an average of almost 2.5 hours.

Text of the promotional video

Welcome to the Sunshine daycare center. We at Kita Sonnenschein are a special kindergarten. We look after 60 children in four different groups. Two crèche groups, a daycare group and an after-school care group. We are open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We have many activities in our groups. Because playing together and researching natural phenomena are things that are very important to us. In this way, the children get to know our interesting world with much more joy.

But there is more to us:

Hello, dear parents of the children of our sunshine daycare center. My name is Sebastian Götz and I am part of the daycare team. We at Kita Sonnenschein are not just any kindergarten. Because our team works every day not only with our 60 children in our 4 groups. Rather, intensive and joint work with parents is a fundamental need for us. Because nobody knows our children here in the daycare as well as their respective parents. We have therefore decided to work closely with you. And that has many advantages for you too. Once a month we offer the parents a meeting to discuss current topics. The daycare center lives from this exchange.

You would also like to be informed about our daily activities with the children. That is why we offer parents the opportunity to view the latest photos of the activities and excursions online. For this you will easily receive a link and the access data from us. It couldn’t be easier or safer. Our day care center also helps with the optimal planning of the day care week. You can therefore conveniently inform us online of the pick-up and delivery times for your child by Sunday evening. In this way, unclear situations about the pick-up and delivery situation do not arise in the first place. Your child will be well received by us and you can concentrate on the challenging everyday life. And in an emergency? Simply call your child’s group and let my colleagues know about the unexpected change. So we can reschedule quickly and easily.

You can see that the cooperation between parents and educators is a matter close to our hearts. Any questions? Call or come by. Your team at Kita Sonnenschein.

Sebastian Götz
Sebastian Götzhttps://krippenzeit.de
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