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Playground Seltz (France)

Playground Seltz in France
Playground Seltz in France


  1. General info
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General info

Address: Rue Romaine, 67470 Seltz (France)

GPS data: 48.90147611417224, 8.115575310658581

Opening hours: Open around the clock

How to get there: We drove to the playground by car. Surely you can also take a bike ride along the Rhine and at the height of the Rhine ferry Plittersdorf-Seltz turn in the direction of Seltz. That would be a bike course of just under 3 kilometers.

Play areas: The ship has play features such as climbing net, tubes to crawl through, two different slides and sloping floors. Next to the ship there are rocking horses and a swing. Across the street there is a small concrete soccer field as well as basketball court.

Toilets: not available. Right next to the playground is a sports hall. If this is closed, the last resort is the adjacent forest.

Offers of the playground

The playground appeals especially to younger children between 3 and 6 years old. The Pirate Ship” offers extensive opportunities for movement for these children. Run, romp, climb or slide. Even shimmying on the ropes is safe and easy. Also there are swings and rocking horses. The floor is covered with a soft rubber in the whole area of the playground. This helps to avoid injuries.

Exciting for slightly older children are the adjacent soccer and basketball courts. Here you can try a variety of ball games. The concrete surface is smooth and flat. So you can also draw additional games or guides with chalk.

Offers in the surroundings

The playground is located directly in front of a sports hall of the municipality. In the course of the morning, some children from Seltz also came to the playground, so it was also reasonably well attended. Also next door is a large and beautiful forest with good trails. This is bright and is also easy to ride on with running wheels or bicycles. We discovered a special highlight here quite by chance. Because we happened to be nearby on Halloween, so we went to this playground. We discovered that the residents from Seltz were already in the forest decorating. There were a lot of stations and we stopped after station 6 or 7 because it was getting too scary for the little one. So if you’re a Halloween fan, a trip to Seltz on Halloween would be worth considering 🙂 .


I hardly have any criticism of the playground. From my point of view, a sandbox or something similar is missing for the U3 children. Unfortunately, this option was not integrated in this playground. Furthermore, one of the nets had been slightly defective. Nevertheless, the playground was very clean and from my point of view also safe. In the end, my little one had fun on the playground and after about two hours we left for the forest.

Impressions of the playground


I cannot recommend a direct alternative at the moment. However, in Seltz there is also a botanical garden. This is located on the D28 road, right next to the Epple gravel pit. Admission is free.


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