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Early musical education in daycare

Ganzheitliches Gehirntraining bei Kindern durch Musikpädagogik.

What is early musical education?

Kindergarten children get to know their environment in many areas. They learn by playing, eating, romping and even arguing. But their development is also encouraged in many areas when singing and dancing. Singing together not only promotes community, but also language development. Dancing is good for coordination. Circle games combine both and are very popular with most children. First experiments with musical instruments are also part of early musical education. The more children come into contact with music at an early age, the better it is for their development.

From what age does early musical education make sense?

Even babies in the womb react to music. For example, if you hold a music box to your stomach, most babies begin to move. There are classes for babies and toddlers to sing and dance with their parents. Parents and babies can take part in these courses shortly after birth. When the child comes to day-care center crèche, this is the best time to accompany and encourage their development through play through music, dance, instruments and singing. You can’t start too early with music.

Every child is different

It happens again and again that a child does not want to take part in the circle games, dances and songs. That’s not bad at all. It also learns by watching. Perhaps the child would prefer to accompany the songs with a rattle or let them operate the CD player. Early musical education has such a wide range of possibilities that something suitable can be found for every child.

Which areas are promoted by early education?

  • language
  • Motor skills
  • creativity
  • Musicality
  • Social competence
  • rhythm
  • Ear training
  • Emotional development
  • perception
  • etc.

How can I use early musical education?

Early musical education can happen on the side in everyday life or be planned as an offer. It is a good idea to have a group singing and playing every day. In many day-care centers this is referred to as a morning or closing circle. What you call him doesn’t matter. It is only important that all children and educators sit together once a day. This promotes the community and leaves space to start a conversation. In addition to the typical movement and dance songs, you can also plan other music offers such as a sound story or project-related stories with music in a circle.

For example, clap a rhythm and let the children “clap” it. The same game also works very well with spoken rhythms: “Ba-ba-bababa” or “Baba-baba-ba-ba”. Let the children experiment. You will be amazed how quickly the children can imitate the rhythm.

Which instruments are suitable for crèche children?

Experimenting and getting to know instruments is just as important in early musical education. For children under three years of age, it is advisable to purchase small wooden instruments. They are robust and can withstand the experimentation of small children’s hands. Rattles, tonewoods, a drum or a xylophone are suitable instruments to start with. If the children have been experimenting with musical instruments for a long time, you can bring a larger instrument with you. If the children’s songs are accompanied by a guitar, for example, all children particularly like it.

Instruments are very fascinating to children. They are a good way to attract the attention of little music grouches. They also bring variety to the day-to-day life of the day-care center.


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Götz, S. (2021). Early musical education in the day-care center. Holistic brain training in children through music education. ISSN: 2748-2979. Accessed on 03/12/2021. Available at: https://krippenzeit.de/musikalische-fueherbildung/

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