Diapering infants without stress

Diapering toddlers can be a big challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. With a few tricks, calmness and patience, any diapering situation can become a pleasant experience for both the child and the adult. In the daycare center’s daily routine, it is often stressful and not at all easy to find peace and patience to change diapers.
Nevertheless, it is incredibly important to take this time for the child. On the one hand, it is often an overcoming for toddlers to be diapered at all. On the other hand, a swaddling situation holds many opportunities to nurture the child. So the more time the educator takes to change the toddler, the more comfortable the situation will be for both parties.

Help, the toddler does not let you change him!

Some children love diapering. They volunteer to let you know when the diaper is full, cheerfully come along to the changing table, cooperate in dressing and undressing, and the procedure is over in no time. However, these children are an exception. Most toddlers don’t like it at all. Especially in the nursery, it is even more annoying than at home when you are pulled out of playing with your friends. In addition, many daycare centers do not have a particularly nice place to change diapers. The bathrooms are often cool and rather uncomfortable. Getting undressed here doesn’t seem very inviting.

To make it a little easier for the children, even small things are enough. Heat the room, a mobile over the changing table, a few pictures on the wall or similar. Just get creative, put yourself in the child’s shoes. What are you happy about in your bathroom? What could the child be happy about?

Involve the child

By 18 months of age, almost all infants are able to walk on their own. Involve the child in the diapering process. Let it climb up the changing table, take off its pants or get a diaper from the drawer. All toddlers are very proud when they are allowed to help and so directly much prefer to be diapered. Avoid any kind of pressure or stress in the process. If you’ve changed ten toddlers at a time, I’m sure that’s great for your colleagues, but not at all for the kids.

Preparation is everything

For babies and children under 18 months, it is important to have everything ready for the diapering situation. Never leave toddlers and babies alone on the changing table. The risk of falling is simply too high. Better put everything ready in advance. Preferably also a washable toy to distract babies. If you have something in your hand, you don’t reach into your diaper.

Wrapping time – beautiful time

The diapering time can be used to do something good for the child and to encourage him at the same time. Songs, finger plays or caress verses are suitable for this. This allows most children to be distracted from the unloved diapering situation. After a few times, many children even demand that you sing them a certain song or demonstrate the funny finger game. Thereby there is the chance to teach the little ones a lot.

For example, they learn to name the body parts through finger games or they are encouraged to tell something. This not only expands vocabulary, but also promotes many other areas of development. Think, for example, of the further development of the sense of touch or the child’s sensation of warmth and cold.

Tips and tricks for a stress-free diapering situation

  • beautifully design the changing area
  • Heat the room
  • involve the child
  • work without stress and pressure
  • get all the utensils ready
  • washable toys at the changing table
  • Sing and play

Have patience

The toddler can not be swaddled, although you have implemented all the tips? That, too, is quite common. Be patient and give the child time. Some children first have to get used to the new situation in the nursery. Everything is different from home and you are a stranger to the child for the time being. Nevertheless, the child lies naked in front of you and is also supposed to hold still. Sometimes it just takes time to do that.

It is best to practice the swaddling situation during the acclimation period. Go along when the child’s parents make a diaper with him. First create a basis of trust between you and the child before you go with him to the changing table. Only when a toddler has arrived well at the nursery can he or she trustingly place themselves in your hands, including the diapering situation.

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