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training as an educator

Now the next semester has passed and in terms of school I am currently at the halfway point. One and a half years are now behind me and many have “peered” at me with questions. To get straight to the point, I don’t regret my decision to do part-time training as an educator…! As many of you know, I am a single parent with a three-and-a-half-year-old son and private time here is already limited. However, training to become an educator takes up another 90% of the time ultimately available. Therefore, life currently consists of sleeping, education, own child, learning and sleeping again.

Of course, all of this is exaggerated, but the training takes time, especially when it comes to the written elaborations. From my point of view, learning the content of the lesson is feasible and not particularly demanding. If you are interested in the subject, pay attention in class and read something privately, it is definitely doable. The current half-year report has an average of almost 1.9 and I didn’t study separately for the exams.

The question often came up as to whether I would not have preferred to have completed the training full-time, and here is my clear answer: no. Even without children, I would clearly prefer the part-time option. The lesson times are more relaxed and in the rest of the time you can acquire much more pedagogical expertise. As always, it depends on your determination and, as everywhere in life, on your perseverance.

Personal preference for pedagogical concepts

Also at the top of the hit list was the question about the pedagogical concepts and which ones I personally like the most. Here I can tell you that concepts such as Waldorf education or the forest kindergarten are pretty much at the end of the list for me. I’m not enthusiastic about Waldorf pedagogy and take a rather critical view of it overall. Forest kindergartens can offer a meaningful concept for children. However, the implementation in the institutions is mostly a, let’s put it politely, medium catastrophe and the pedagogical conception is mostly even contradictory.

I am very fond of the Montessori pedagogy when implemented correctly. Unfortunately, many do not understand the pedagogical concept correctly and form the wrong judgment here. Cosmic education, for example, is often labeled as esotericism and the like. Here, however, the terminology is deliberately misinterpreted. Because the Montessori term, presented in a much abbreviated form, is more about recognizing the effects and interactions between the individual and nature and society.

The Reggio pedagogy is also correctly implemented, a very good concept. Especially with a planned new building and a suitable and open social environment, this concept offers many advantages for children, educators, parents and of course society. Much of the Reggio pedagogy in particular is rather “vague” and should therefore be seen more as a kind of philosophy. You will look in vain for clear statements and specifications, apart from typical concept properties. A clear contrast to Montessori 😉 .

Of course, there are many other concepts, but everyone has their own personal ideas and preferences.

What about with you? Are you in training to become an educator or what do you think about the different concepts? Let me know.

Sebastian Götz
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