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The playground at the Dragon Tower in Speyer is a smaller playground near Speyer's city center. As the name of the playground suggests, it is a themed playground with the theme of dragons. I think you can also see a bit of the castle and witches themes. Children can slide, climb, swing and see-saw on this playground. However, various other types of play are also possible. The children can discover these individually during free play. For the little U3 children there is a baby swing and a sandbox.
The playground appeals especially to younger children between 3 and 6 years old. The "Pirate Ship" offers extensive opportunities for movement for these children. Run, romp, climb or slide. Even shimmying on the ropes is safe and easy. Also there are swings and rocking horses. The floor is covered with a soft rubber in the whole area of the playground. Exciting for slightly older children are the adjacent soccer and basketball courts. Here you can try a variety of ball games.
The alla hopp! Playground of the Dietmar Hopp Foundation in Speyer has been a real adventure playground, especially for older children, since 2017. Climbing, shimmying, fitness equipment, as well as caves and cages offer every child's heart more joy. In addition to the available fitness equipment, there is also free parking for parents and a short distance to the Rhine. So ideal conditions for a family outing. For children under 3 to 4 years, the alla hopp! Playground in Speyer only conditionally suitable...

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Sebastian berichtet hier auf Krippenzeit über die frühkindliche Bildung in den Kitas und dem professionellen Management. Von der Geburt an bis zum dritten Lebensjahr... und weit darüber hinaus! 🙂

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