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Alla hop! Playground Speyer

The alla hop! The playground of the Dietmar Hopp Foundation in Speyer has been a real adventure playground since 2017, especially for older children. Climbing, hanging, fitness equipment as well as caves and cages offer every child’s heart a sea of joy. In addition to the available fitness equipment, parents also have free parking spaces and a short distance to the Rhine. So ideal conditions for a family outing. For children under 3 to 4 years the alla hopp! Playground in Speyer only suitable to a limited extent, as there are no slides, sandpits or similar games. The playground is clearly tailored to older children and young people.

General info

Address : Dr.-Eduard-Orth-Straße, Speyer (opposite a soccer field of FV Speyer)

GPS data : N 49.32617, E 008.43988

Opening hours : 9am-9pm, but only until dark

How to get there: You can get there by public transport or by car. I clearly recommend arriving by car or, in summer, by bicycle. There is also an air station for bicycles on site. Bus lines 566 and 567 are ideal for anyone who wants to use public transport.

Play areas : parkour facility, trail stairs, humming stone sensory element, footpath with fitness equipment, mikado forest, slackline, fitness course, exercise room, climbing hill with shipping container, play pavilion with water feature, pendulum swing, nature experience area, family carousel, exercise course, trampoline hill, energy bike, boules pitch,

Toilets : present, with changing area

Playground offers

As mentioned above, the offers are mainly aimed at older children and young people. The idea behind the alla hopp! systems is the cross-generational encounter in sports and games. The shared experience of movement and sport. From my point of view, this playground clearly offers this. Every time we visit the playground, we get into conversation with young and old, we exchange ideas and enjoy the visit to the playground.

For the children, the playground offers great offers that are certainly not so common in the area. The value is clearly placed on the training of gross motor skills, the sense of balance and the social aspect. Depending on the selected level of difficulty and age, many areas of the game can usually only be completely mastered together.

This quickly gives rise to ideas for playing with the carousel, flying to the moon as a rocket, or playing police and criminals and converting the shipping container with the cage into a prison. Even running bike races are possible on the concrete part of the exercise area. In short, the children can put their skills to the test here and grow with the challenges.

Benches are available for longer trips. Nevertheless, many bring their blankets and make themselves comfortable on the floor. We ourselves, for example, quickly spend 3 to 4 hours on the playground without realizing it.


I haven’t found any hard points of criticism on the playground so far. There is minor damage to the trampoline hill (orange rubber partially torn off) and the concrete areas are graffiti sprayed. So far, however, this has not led to any restrictions on the game system. Therefore, these are to be seen more as an optical defect and are certainly difficult to avoid in children and young people. Rubbish bins are available in sufficient numbers and, at least that’s what it looks like, are emptied regularly. I haven’t found a lot of broken glass, discarded syringes or similar objects there so far.

Impressions of the playground


If you have small children or are looking for a shady spot in summer, you are well looked after at the adventure playground in Dudenhofen . This playground is located on and in the forest and offers great play equipment for big and small children, including several slides. Arriving by car or taking a bike tour are a must here!

Another, but also smaller, alternative is the Speyer playground between Rheinallee and Messplatz. However, this is only interesting for younger children.


Dietmar Hopp Foundation

Alla hop! site

City of Speyer

citation suggestion

Götz, S. (2022). Alla hop! Playground Speyer. A great playground for children aged four and over. ISSN: 2748-2979. Accessed 03/23/2022. Available at: https://krippenzeit.de/alla-hopp-spielplatz-speyer/

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